Monday, 26 February 2007

Welcome back…

Blogger foxed me for a good while there, but eventually we're back online with the SurfGirl blog. This is a totally non-serious place for us SG staff to post up random comments, ideas, updates, news and anything else we feel like. Comments are very welcome!

So what are we up to at the moment? Well, we've done one trip to Morocco and one trip to New Zealand. So there will be lots of info and pictures on both those popular destinations. We loved them! But then anything's better than being in an office, right?!

SurfGirl 13 continues apace, and we want it to be the lucky issue! There's loads of info, pictures and stories from the UK girls who made it out to Hawaii. You'll have to wait to see what else is in it! It'll be out at the end of March.

News-wise, the Student Nationals kicks off this weekend in Newquay – always a fun weekend which briefly lifts the town out of its winter hibernation. Pray for some surf – it's been good but windy recently (crap today though).



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