Friday, 30 November 2007

Live to surf another day

The ISA have reiterated their safe surf guidelines in anticipation of the huge swell this weekend. Surf safe, have fun and don't endanger yourself or anyone else!

Safe Surfing Guidelines

Never surf alone.
Always let somebody on land know where you have gone and when you will return.
Only surf if you can swim.
Do not go surfing as dusk is approaching.
Never go surfing if you have been drinking alcohol.
Check the weather and tides before you paddle out.
Learn to observe condition so you can identify hazards.
Surf waves suitable to your ability. If you are a novice take some surfing lessons an an ISA Approved Surf School and stick to beaches until you are experienced.
If a break is unfamiliar to you get advice from local surfers before getting in.
Check that your equipment, particularly your leash, is in good order. Remember it is easier to spot a brightly coloured surfboard or wetsuit at sea.
When you wipe out do not come to the surface to quickly, allow your board time to land and come to the surface with your hands over your head.
When paddling out always check behind you before abandoning your board.
Never “drop in” on another surfer. The surfer nearest to peak has priority.
If you do find yourself in difficulty stay calm and stay with your board.
If you get caught in a rip do not try to paddle against the flow, paddle across it.

And congrats to Sophia Mulanovich, who won the Roxy Pro at Sunset.


Thursday, 22 November 2007



Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Save the Dolphins

I'm sorry, I know this is a hideous picture. I can't look at the sites for long as I get too upset so I won't tell you I'm the most informed protester but it's so wrong. Please join Rasta's petition and check out Save Japan Dolphins

Expect more from us on this...

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