Thursday, 31 January 2008

Dominican Republic Day 3

Woke up yesterday morning, was really excited about going to check out some other breaks around the island. The weather is really nice and not too humid. We ended up going about 50 minutes down the coast to a break called playa grande. The coast was really beautiful with all of the palm trees and the lush mountains in the background. We came back to where we are staying which looked fun so we headed in there where a few of the local pros were surfing. It is just down from where we are staying. Everyone is really nice and kind here in the caribean! We met a few of the locals down at the breaks and got friendly with one of the guys called Zion. He took us around to some secret private spots which were fun. Basically its all been pretty fun and i love the climate, i wanna live here!!!

(By Gwen Spurlock) Photos by Alex Williams.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dominican Republic Day 1

The view from my patio doors!

Day One has seen two surfs - 2-3ft and onshore, but super fun. As soon as we all paddle out (7 girls and one photog) the local boys come out of the woodwork! They're all great surfers and fairly friendly.

The girls on this trip are Gwen Spurlock, Tassy Swallow, Robyn Davies, Tahlia Britton, Zoe Sheath and Kathleen Spears, plus me (Kat) filming and writing and Alex Williams, token male and photographer. We're here for two weeks filming and shooting for the mag and the website.

We've got a local surfer guy (Alex knows through a mate in Barbados) coming to tell us all about the best spots, and there's swell and sunshine forecast for tomorrow (and no wind!) From the pictures tacked up on the local surf shack/shop/school (under the swaying palm trees by the soft sandy beach!) we can see it barrels its nuts off under the right conditions, and the girls are all well up for it.

So the plan is another 7am boardies surf, watching the sunrise, then brekkie on our amazing terraces (see pic!) then exploring in our posh minivan.


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Friday, 11 January 2008

surfing is dangerous!

Gosh, better cut down on the elevator-ing as well.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2008

global warming - risk management

The risks of doing nothing far outweigh the risks of action.