Friday, 24 August 2007

SG 16 out!

Nicole in Indo, get a job in surfing, winter wetty guide, New Zealand guide, winter survival, the Badlands crew, health, beauty, fashion, CARVE 92 with sick photos, free stickers and O'Neill Mission + H30 DVD…oh just buy it it's wicked. Have a nice Bank Hol! I'm off to Sennen!

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surf dog

Bilbo the surf rescue dog?!

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

SurfGirl weekends

surfgirl weekends
Don't forget the SurfGirl weekends are on soon…this crap weather and surf just can't last, and even if it does these weekends are serious fun and the best way to learn or polish your new skills. We'll be putting reports and updates on the web to prove that professional coaching really works!Check them out.


Thursday, 16 August 2007


get down

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Reckon I won the office's 'most irreverent place' sticker comp at Unleashed…

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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Young Guns 3

Pretty much the whole office went to watch Young Guns 3, the new Quiksilver flick, last night. The free food and beer in the Sugar Lounge in Newquay went down nicely and there was a big crowd assembled upstairs to watch the action. Nice to see so many girls there - the last premiere I went to there were about five…Also lots of hot men there, which was good entertainment. Jake Paterson was on board to intro the film, not that many people seemed to be listening to him.

Anyway, I think it needed a bit of editing. I loooove all and any surf films, but I wasn't all that impressed to be honest. The kids blow up, there's no question of that, but there was little coherence to the film and no theme. Also, the camerawork had nothing like the 'wow' factor of the amazing helicopter stuff seen before. I guess I just expected more, even from Slater's section. Loved the music and don't get me wrong the surfing really was shit-hot, but the waves weren't great and it wasn't put together how you'd expect. Throw more money at the film less on the parties, I guess…I'm still in love with Ry Craike tho. ;-)

Check out the mini-site here, very interactive: Young Guns 3

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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

sticker mad!

The next issue is neeearly finished, once again we're just waiting on the boys! It'll hit the stands for Bank Holiday weekend. We've heard lots of reports that the SG summer special has sold out/can't be found - if you want one, ring the office and we can send one direct or point you towards a shop that'll have some.

Gearing up for the Boardmasters, we've produced some gorgeous SurfGirl stickers - it's only taken us three years to get some done, but boy, were they worth the wait. If you're at the Boardmasters go grab one from the lovely Joe and Duncan on our stall, or order anything from the shop and we'll throw one in. OR just send us an SAE. (The sticker is shown here half size.)

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